Global Learning Projects

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Global Learning Projects are short, intensive programs designed to engage students with issues of global importance through consultative project work with community, government, or industry partners. These projects provide students with real-world applications of their studies while working on transdisciplinary teams.

Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningAPIConnect Innovation Lab

Work with a team of 4-6 peers to develop innovative business solutions to global challenges while building essential skills of cross-cultural teamwork and collaboration, concept design, and execution. Pitch project ideas to industry mentors and receive real-world feedback.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningEIT Digital 2020 European Online Summer Program

Gain experience in digital innovation and entrepreneurship through online lectures, presentations of company cases, individual and team assignments, a group project to build a digital tech or service business model, and business development mentoring.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningImpact of Fires on Water Resources in Northern California (Coming Soon)

Work alongside students from the University of Sydney students to address challenges related to the impacts of wildfires on water resources in California and southeast Australia. This project will take place over the summer


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningTeam4Tech Virtual Ed Tech Internship

Work in an interdisciplinary team to help African NGOs improve education in their local communities. This remote summer internship is designed for undergraduate students interested in education, technology, and international development. 


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