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Virtual – Human Rights and Social Impact (South Africa)

Each UC Davis Virtual Summer Internship program pairs UC Davis Study Abroad with a partner organization that manages the personalized internship placements, prepares you for the virtual experience, and provides advising support throughout the placement process and throughout your virtual internship. As part of the placement process for Virtual Summer Internships, participants will first enroll through UC Davis Study Abroad and then complete a supplemental application for the partner organization associated with their particular program.

Although Study Abroad partners with outside organizations for some aspects of Virtual Summer Internships, the official provider for these programs is UC Davis Study Abroad and course credit is issued by UC Davis.

Internship Placement Process

After you enroll through UC Davis Study Abroad in this virtual summer internship program, you will receive the link to the online application with our internship partner Connect-123.  As part of the application process, you’ll upload your resumé and schedule a telephone-based interview to discuss your professional and personal goals with your Connect-123 program coordinator.

The placement process typically takes 2 to 6 weeks, and during this time, Connect-123 will help you revise your resumé as well as prepare for internship interviews.

Although these supplemental items are not due until after you are enrolled in the program, we recommend that you start preparing your resume at the same time you are completing the UC Davis Study Abroad online enrollment.

Important Note for International Students
International students in the United States on an F-1 or J-1 visa will likely require employment authorization prior to engaging in any paid or unpaid virtual internship experience. Students should discuss this opportunity with an SISS advisor before applying if they are considering this program. If you are a non-Davis student, please consult with an international student advisor at your home campus.

Sample Internship Placements

Students will participate in a professional internship for 20-30 hours per week, typically Monday-Friday.  While hours are flexible, it’s important to overlap with your supervisor for at least 5 hours per week, to help with communication, attend meetings, and to receive feedback.  Given the time zone difference, expect to start early on certain days. You are matched with an organization based on your skills, experience, career goals, and interests.

All enrolled students will be placed in an internship. Students with relevant experience and a GPA over 2.5 may have more placement options or an internship role with greater responsibility than students without experience or a lower GPA.

Resume and Cover Letter Resources

We strongly recommend that you meet with an advisor at the UC Davis Internship and Career Center (ICC) or the Career Center on your home campus to have your resume and cover letter reviewed prior to submitting these documents. The ICC provides many online resources, such as resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation examples.

Information about UC Davis’ Partner for the Program

For the Human Rights and Social Impact internship, UC Davis Study abroad partners with Connect-123. Since 2006, Connect-123 has worked to offer internships according to students’ career goals and interests across a wide range of fields including business, communications, design, education, engineering, human rights, journalism, public health and sustainable development, partnering with hundreds of companies, NGOs, hospitals and research institutes across Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dublin, Shanghai, and Sydney.

Transcript Notation

Students participating in UC Davis Study Abroad Virtual Summer Internships are eligible to receive Transcript Notation (TN). Transcript notation documents your academically approved internship on your official UC Davis transcript. By having your experience noted, it provides proof of where and when you participated in an internship. This is especially valuable for international internships that may be difficult for a prospective employer or program to contact.

Transcript Notation is a process you’ll start within the first two weeks of your internship placement through Handshake, the tool UC Davis Internship and Career Center uses to connect students and employers.