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Oaxacalifornia—Multiethnicity and Migration

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Stefano Varese

Native American Studies

Stefano Varese, Italian/Peruvian anthropologist, Professor Emeritus of Native American Studies at UC Davis and former director and founder of the Indigenous Research Center of the Americas-IRCA. His research began in the Peruvian Amazon in the mid 1960s with the publication of his book Salt of the Mountain. Ashaninka Resistance and Utopia in Amazonia, (five Spanish language editions, one English translation and one French translation). In 1975 he left Peru for Mexico where he was appointed principal investigator in the National Institute of Anthropology and History-INAH. He was later appointed director of the Unit of Popular Cultures and Indigenous Peoples in Vera Cruz and Oaxaca. In the late ‘80s he moved to California where he taught at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. In the early ‘90s Varese was hired as professor in the Department of Native American Studies. Some of his books are: Las minorías étnicas y la comunidad nacional (Ethnic Minorities and National Community) (Lima, 1974); Proyectos étnicos y proyectos nacionales (Etnic Projects and National Projects) (México, 1983); Indígenas y educación en México (Indigenous Peoples and Education in Mexico) (México, 1983); Pueblos indios, soberanía y globalismo (Indigenous Peoples, Sovereignty and Globalization) (Quito 1996); Co-Editor with Sylvia Escárcega, La ruta mixteca. El impacto etnopolítico de la migración transnacional de los pueblos indígenas de México (The Mixtecs Journey. Ethnopolitical Impact of Transnational Migration of the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico) (México, 2004); Witness to Sovereignty. Essays on the Indian Movement in Latin America (Copenhagen, 2006). Co-Editor with Frédérique Apffel-Marglin and Róger Rumrril; Selva vida. Del extractivismo al paradigma de la regeneración  (Copenhagen, México, La Habana, 2013). Bonfil y la civilización del común. Crónica de un itinerario utópico (México: UNAM, 2013).

A Message to Students and Parents

"Oaxaca is a beautiful city surrounded by wonderful tropical landscapes. My wife Linda and I raised our two children in the little neighboring town of San Felipe del Agua. I can assure students and parents that the whole environment is safe and cosmopolitan enough in its dense cultural history that every visitor feel at once at home in this exotic, colorful and friendly surrounding."