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Rome—Art and the City

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Jeffrey Ruda

Art & Art History Department

Jeffrey Ruda, Professor Emeritus of Art History, has totaled more than five years living and traveling in Italy. In Davis, he taught the entire introductory span of Western art history from the ancient Mediterranean to contemporary art and architecture. His upper division courses focused on Italy during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.

A Message to Students and Parents

I love Italian art because it shows endless transformations of how beauty expresses what people care about in their lives. I love to teach on-site because the physical reality of artworks, buildings, and their environments is so powerful. Rome in particular offers a tremendous variety of models for how societies and individuals project their feelings and beliefs into the world. Some of our days will emphasize single cultural phases, but even the Roman Forum layers antiquity with later elements that stretch our perceptions across radically diverse experiences.

What Students Are Saying

  • “Jeff was a great lecturer and was very passionate about the subject.”
  • “Allowed me to view art like I have never known before. Before I just glanced at art but now with the course I found myself analyzing the beauty of a piece.”
  • “Professor Ruda knew so much material I was bewildered by how much he was able to provide us.”
  • “The program helped me fulfill units for graduation and explore/travel to more countries.”