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Rome—Art and the City

The class will visit art, architecture, and urban neighborhoods in Rome, with excursions to ancient, medieval, and Renaissance sites in the surrounding countryside. Onsite lectures/discussions will develop skills of close, critical looking at the design and function of artworks and buildings. A final paper will discuss how the goals and values expressed in one ancient artwork (or building), and one medieval (or later) artwork (or building), compare and contrast with the student’s own worldview.

Students on Seminars Abroad programs earn regular UC Davis course credit which may be used to fulfill degree, major, minor, General Education (GE) requirements. Students should consult with their academic advisor and General Catalog to see if Seminars Abroad courses will fulfill their academic requirements.


Art History (AHI) 198 Draft Syllabus (PDF)


Art History (AHI) 198. Directed Group Study (2 units, P/NP grading only)*

This course includes participation on excursions and tours and attendance to guest lectures. Students are often asked to write reflective pieces. Assignment topics vary by program.

* Program and units are attached to fall quarter.