What Parents Say

“The orientation program was excellent in terms of giving us a sense of what to expect and providing key planning information. My husband and I attended since one of our daughters was on a study abroad program in London, and the other was attending UCSD...transferring to Davis, but not there yet. We came away with most of our questions answered and, importantly, a name and number...thank you!

The program itself was wonderful. One of my daughters told me today that her side trip to Venice was the single most exciting art experience of her life (she's an art major). My daughters loved their accommodations and the autonomy they had to plan side trips (Venice, Pisa, Naples, Rome, Pompeii), while still having the safety net of their classmates and instructor.

I really felt that my daughters were well prepared and appropriately overseen during their summer abroad experience. They returned home with increased self-confidence, bubbling over with enthusiasm, and with greater intellectual curiosity about the world beyond California! We were absolutely thrilled with our family's experience with the summer study abroad program.”

Ellen Curtis, parent of two students on Summer Abroad, Florence

“This is an amazing opportunity. South Africa has an interesting and diverse history and culture. We traveled there in 1999 and loved it. To actually live there and study and travel a bit is wonderful. We were quite envious of our daughter. She loved it, both educationally and socially. The group of students had a great time learning and just being together. Not too many professors open up their homes for a reunion either. Also Africa is one of the few continents left where you can see certain animals in their natural environments in this way. We were so pleased that this was part of their experience. You will never view a zoo the same again.

Sooooooooo......politically, socially, environmentally and historically, South Africa is exciting. It is on our list of places that we want to return to. Thank you for organizing this trip and study. We highly recommend it.”

Peter and Fredda Morris, Summer Abroad, "South Africa--City to Safari" Parent

“The Barcelona UC Davis summer program could not have been a better experience and fit for my daughter. The academic program was stimulating for her and she particularly enjoyed the opportunity to interact with local community members. Barcelona sounded like a safe and great backdrop for engaging youthful activities, but most important, the experience seemed to make a positive contribution toward her maturity and insight. What a fine opportunity.

Jeanne Furstoss, Summer Abroad, "Housing and Community Development in Barcelona" Parent

“Our daughter Sara went to Greece this summer and had a wonderful time. She had the opportunity to visit a number of locations she probably wouldn't have seen on her own. The sites were both exciting and educational. As a parent, I liked the safety net of knowing there was a group looking out for her in her travels. She gained a lot of self confidence on that trip.”

Shari Scheller, Summer Abroad, "Travelers in Greece" Parent

“My daughter participated in the Travelers in Greece program through U. C. Davis Summer Abroad. I found the program to be very well-organized and responsibly planned. The orientation answered my questions and lessened my anxiety that my 18 year old would be traveling alone to a country where she did not speak the language and where even the alphabet was different.

Lexi had a fabulous time exploring Greece, sampling new cuisine, making new friends, expanding her language skills, and she returned with a new maturity, awareness, and appreciation for her family, country, and culture.

I highly recommend this program for the educational, cultural, and personal experiences and benefits it offers college students.”

Peggy Mayfield, Summer Abroad, "Travelers in Greece" Parent

“I think it was a great opportunity for [my daughter] to see how other individuals live and how different cultures are. It was a great stepping stone for her to build upon.”

Summer Abroad, "Documentary Filmmaking in the Caribbean" Parent