Space Still Available in Handful of New Summer Abroad 2019 Programs

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For students interested in taking their college experience global, UC Davis Summer Abroad is offering six exciting new programs this summer, with enrollment open until April 5, 2019. These programs are taught onsite by UC Davis faculty or in partnership with local faculty:

Space is also available in returning programs such as “Exercise and Wellness” in Prague, “Americans in Paris,” and “The Grand Tour,” a once-in-a-lifetime voyage from London to Paris to the Alps to Rome.

Students can choose programs with courses that satisfy requirements for majors or minors, or take a break from their usual studies to explore other interests and passions.

Complete list of Summer Abroad programs.

About UC Davis Study Abroad

UC Davis Study Abroad integrates global opportunities into the academic experience, supporting 1,300 students each year in studying across 30 countries, exploring the world, and gaining valuable skills and competencies. In the quest for Global Education for All, Study Abroad goes beyond traditional programs to meet the academic, personal and professional needs of UC Davis’ diverse and driven student body.

As a part of Global Affairs at UC Davis, Study Abroad aims to inspire global curiosity, understanding, and engagement.