Study Abroad & Internship Fair

Study Abroad Fair, Header Image
Gunrock visits the Summer Abroad table at last year's fair.

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Thinking about studying or interning abroad? Now is your chance to learn about opportunities available at UC Davis!

Hosted by Study Abroad and the Internship & Career Center (ICC), the UC Davis Study Abroad & Internship Fair is intended to help students who are considering education abroad opportunities. The purpose of the fair is to inform students about opportunities to study, work, and intern in areas all over the world. The fair provides resources for UC Davis study and internship program opportunities as well as many non-UC Davis options (organizations from all over the world will be traveling to campus). 

At the fair, students can:

  • Talk with study and intern abroad alumni about their experiences
  • Discuss with advisors programs that will meet individual needs
  • Chat with Financial Aid representatives about scholarships and financial aid availability
  • Attend a Study Abroad Workshop

This event is held once a year on the West Quad. 
Don't miss it!


Please contact the event manager, Blake Cooper.

Fair-Day Workshops

* Workshop details are subject to change. The information below is based on the workshops that were offered last year. A final list of workshops will be posted in early Summer 2018.

Why You Should Study Abroad

If you have ever thought, "Study Abroad isn't for me," then this session is for you. Diversity Abroad will lead the discussion in identifying how important it is for more diverse American students to pursue opportunities abroad. We will explore the many reasons why study abroad is beneficial for all student identities, regardless of your ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or major (to name a few). Learn about the ways study abroad sets you apart fom others - personally, professionally, and academically - and how you will be a more competitive candidate in your future career goals. 10am-11am, MU Garrison

Financial Aid for Study Abroad 

Are you interested in study abroad but are afraid you can’t afford it? Come to our Financial Aid for Study Abroad workshop and learn how financial aid works for students planning to go abroad in one of our programs. We will show you where to find all of our program budgets and how they are structured so you can determine what is included in the program fees. We will also share online tools to help you budget and talk about scholarships available for study abroad. 11am-12pm, MU Garrison

International Scholarships to Study Abroad

Scott Palmer is the Prestigious Scholarship Advisor for UC Davis who guides students through each step in the process of applying for prestigious scholarships.  Scott will be presenting on Prestigious Scholarships that cover funding for experiences abroad. Come learn about the Boren, Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) and Gilman Scholarships. 12pm-1pm, MU Garrison

Interning Abroad: From Start to Depart!

Review program types and options; identify your next planning steps and timeline; review funding options; share resources; address your questions and concerns. 1pm-2pm, MU Garrison

SpokenWorld: Telling Our Global UC Davis Stories

You have traveled and met people, you have stories to tell and an ear for other people’s stories. Come workshop your story with us and hear our stories too. With a little preparation you can have a personal story ready to tell. Your stories might illustrate how you were changed, the people you met, and the places you discovered. A little storytelling practice could pay off when regaling friends...or even help set you apart in job interviews. Spoken word, first-person nonfiction is popular now on podcasts ranging from This American Life to The Moth Radio Hour.  We guarantee you will walk away knowing yourself and your story better. 2pm-3pm, MU Garrison

Grants for International Development Work in the US and Abroad—Blum Center

BLUM Center for Developing Economies - Presenter: Lili Larson

If you are a UC Davis undergrad or grad student and would like to volunteer with an NGO on a project to alleviate poverty in the US or in a developing country, this is a workshop is for you! Students will learn about two campus grants programs that provide up to $2,000 (for undergrads) and up to $4,000 (for grad students) to implement field research or work with a NGO. The presentation will explain the application process and provide relevant tips on how to develop a strong proposal.

Who is this workshop for? Undergraduate and graduate students interested in international development work in the US or abroad. This workshop is also for faculty interested in learning more about the opportunity to inform students about international development work. 2pm-3pm, MU Fielder