Past Awards

Past PATA and PASS Grant Recipients


A few examples of project titles (see all project titles and summaries):

  • Piloting the Chimney Solar Dryer in Dadeldhura, Nepal (Video)
  • Addressing the Link Between Gender Inequality and Nutrient Deficiency Among Bangladeshi Women
  • Potential Impacts on Maternal and Child Nutrition of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program in the Urban Slums of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: An Exploration of Facilitating and Limiting Factors
  • Production and Commercialization of Cacao and Chocolate in Maya Q’eqchi’ Communities, Guatemala: Building Partnerships Across the Value Chain
  • Development of Natural Dye Procedures in Partnership With Women of Himachal Self-Help Group (WHIMS)
  • Adapting a Measure of Cognitive Development for Infants in Malawi