Global Perspectives—Reflections on Working Abroad (SAS 198)

Global Perspectives—Reflections on Working Abroad

Science & Society 198 (spring quarter) Taught by: Lili Larson and Tu Jarvis

This 2 unit P/NP seminar is for students who have worked or traveled abroad and are interested in exploring this often, life-transforming experience. Students who have traveled or worked abroad typically experience a whole host of highs and lows, challenges, and disappointments…a roller coaster of emotions, particularly if the work and study they did took place in a developing country. It is often hard to clearly articulate and share the importance and impacts that experience has had on them. Students who return from working or studying abroad often report finding it hard tell others how and why they have changed, though they know they have.This course will provide a forum for students to grapple with their experiences, provide a theoretical framework for thinking about and sharing it with others. The class will include guest lecturers, readings as well as multi-media presentations by practitioners who have shared similar experiences.

Reading assignments will serve to engage students in thinking about the practical, socio-cultural, and political dynamics they have encountered while working or studying abroad. Students will explore their own experiences, writing about them and preparing a presentation.

This course will conclude with a session looking at what can happen next, exploring the possible internships and career opportunities available to students wanting to now continue on a path of global citizenship.

Active class participation is required.