Advisor Welcome & Handbook

Welcome to the advisor portal. The advisors at UC Davis Study Abroad have a common goal with departmental and college advisors: we want to see students succeed academically, both on campus and abroad. We hope the resources provided here will prove helpful in your advising.

The Major Advising Pages (MAPS) list popular or recommended study abroad programs for each major and/or academic subject area. Please note that options for students in all cases are more extensive than listed.

The 'Study Abroad in Your Major' Guides provide general study abroad information to students and advisors based on general field of study.

The Study Abroad Manual for College and Department Advisors provides detailed information related to questions that might arise when advising a student, as well as information about UC Davis Study Abroad. The manual includes, amongst other topics:

  • Types of Study Abroad Programs
  • Academic Issues for Study Abroad
  • Financial Aid                             
  • Senior Residence
  • Internships Abroad
  • Transfer Students
  • Global and International Studies (GIS) Minor

Study Abroad Manual for College and Department Advisors