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Welcome to the advisor portal. The advisors at The Global Learning Hub have a common goal with departmental and college advisors: we want to see students succeed academically, on campus, abroad, and beyond. We hope the resources provided here will prove helpful in your advising.

The Major Advising Pages (MAPS) list popular or recommended study abroad programs for each major and/or academic subject area. Please note that options for students in all cases are more extensive than listed.

The Study Abroad Manual for College and Department Advisors provides detailed information related to questions that might arise when advising a student interested in studying abroad. The manual includes, amongst other topics:

Advisor FAQs

  • Can students spend their Senior Year or final quarter before graduation on a study abroad program?
  • They can if it is a UCD study abroad program such as UC Davis Quarter Abroad or UC Davis Summer Abroad. If a student wishes to go on one of these programs during their senior year, advisors at UC Davis Study Abroad request that the student go to their Dean's office to get a degree and unit check. Advisors at UC Davis Study Abroad tell students that they may graduate during a UC study abroad program provided that (1) they haven't exceeded 225 units prior to their departure and (2) that all their College and major requirements will have been fulfilled either before they leave or during their time on study abroad. But students may only return to campus to complete any outstanding College and/or major requirements provided that they are still under the 225 unit-cap when they return from their study abroad program. Seniors interested in participating in a UCEAP program should consult with our EAP advisors to help navigate UC Davis senior residency requirements.
  • Can students participate in more than one study abroad program while they are at UC Davis?
  • Absolutely, provided these programs do not overlap in time. Moreover, many of the new quarter and summer programs offered by UC Davis Quarter Abroad, UC Davis Summer Abroad and UCEAP were designed specifically to give freshman and sophomores a “mini” study abroad experience. Many students who have participated in these programs have elected to go abroad on semester or yearlong UCEAP programs during their junior or senior years.
  • Can students receive GE credit for courses taken on UCEAP?
  • Yes. In June, 2002, the approval process for UCEAP was delegated to the Academic Senate’s Committee on International Studies and Exchanges (CISE). For more information, visit the Credit for GE Requirements page.
  • Can Transfer Students study abroad?
  • Yes! At UC Davis, transfer students may submit UC and EAP applications simultaneously and study abroad their first term at UC. However for Independent Programs where ‘transfer’ credit is earned rather than UC credit, standard credit transfer maximums must be observed.
  • What are the eligibility requirements for study abroad?
  • Each program varies. UCEAP has programs for sophomores, juniors, seniors, as well as graduate students, with GPA requirements ranging from 2.0 to 3.3. UC Davis Quarter Abroad and UC Davis Summer Abroad accept applications from all undergraduates with a 2.0 GPA requirement. For Independent Programs, the minimum GPA varies.
  • Can students take their financial aid on their study abroad programs?
  • All forms of financial aid (UC, state, and federal) are available to students participating in UCEAP, UC Davis Quarter Abroad, and UC Davis Summer Abroad. For UCEAP, the Financial Aid Office will adjust a portion of the student’s financial aid package according to the cost of living in the study abroad location. Students who participate on an Independent study abroad program will not receive financial aid if they apply for independent leave.