Trip Cancellation Insurance

Study Abroad Spotlight

Alexandria Hartwell, a fourth-year managerial economics major, studied abroad on the UC Davis Summer Abroad France, "Fashion Marketing in Paris" program.

Every year students have to cancel due to unforeseen financial difficulties, new job opportunities, family emergencies, accidents, and illness. UC Davis and UC Davis Study Abroad cannot and will not offer any special refunds or fee forgiveness outside of our fee schedule and many times financial aid has to be repaid. Therefore, we strongly encourage all participants to research and purchase appropriate trip cancellation insurance.

Trip cancellation insurance may be purchased to cover lost program fees, in addition to airfare and other costs. In the past, students have said that they did not purchase trip cancellation insurance because they did not expect or intend to cancel. Do not avoid purchasing trip cancellation insurance for this reason. Be prepared and be responsible. Talk to your travel agent about trip cancellation insurance options or consider visiting our Transportation Resources.