Grades and Transcripts

The following information pertains to UC Davis Summer Abroad programs:

Letter Grades

The grading criteria for each specific class can be found in the course syllabus. For many programs, the syllabus is included in the Program Specific Guide. In some cases, the syllabus will be distributed on site when the program begins. Please keep in mind that the 198 course offers P/NP grading only.

Passed/Not Passed Option

When you register for your classes on SISWeb or Schedule Builder, you may elect to choose the P/NP option for your core course. If you opt for Passed / Not Passed grading, the grade "P" is assigned for a grade of "C-" or higher and "NP" for a "D+" or lower. Units earned are counted in satisfaction of degree requirements but are not counted in determining your grade point average. Please keep in mind that choosing P/NP for the core course may prevent you from receiving major, minor or GE credit for your work. All 198 courses are P/NP. Students should request P/NP status during the first two weeks of the program.

Viewing Your Grades

Students can view their grades on SISWeb or MyUCDavis but they may not be available until mid-September or October. If you need to know your grade before then, contact your instructor via email. Summer Abroad cannot tell you your grades.
Non-UC Davis Students: You will need your UC Davis ID number (available via your Study Abroad account) to login.

Transferring Grades and Ordering Transcripts

UC Davis students do not need to request transcripts. Courses taken in UC Davis' Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad Internships, Quarter Abroad, and Seminars Abroad are UC Davis courses. Grades and units are applied directly to their transcript.

UC students do not need to request transcripts. Summer Abroad courses are UC-transferable and will automatically transfer to their home UC transcript in the fall.

Non-UC students must request a transcript from the UC Davis Office of the Registrar after they complete the program. Grades and units are not transferred to their home institution automatically.

Ordering Transcripts

Instructions for requesting a transcript and costs are available online at the UC Davis Registrar's Transcript Order Page.