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Microbiology Lab in the Kingdom of Smiles

Bangkok, Thailand

Arrive Date: June 29, 2018    End Date: July 27, 2018

Program Overview

This laboratory program will introduce microbiology to students wishing to explore the enchanting and exotic Kingdom of Thailand. Hands-on activities complement lecture and laboratory exercises to explore the microbiology of Thai food, international health issues, and the changing environment. Students will explore microbial diversity from samples they obtain from a variety of places, ranging from open-air markets and urban canals to pristine jungles and beaches. Excursions allow discovery of urban and rural locations to examine microbiology at the crossroads of public health, food safety, and the environment. As a group, there will be travel within Bangkok, to the United Nation’s World Heritage Historic City of Ayutthaya and to islands in the Andaman Sea. This program will be hosted at Assumption University, which is among Southeast Asia’s top comprehensive international universities.

Instructor:  Glenn Young

Taught in:  English

Max Enrollment:  30

Program Coordinator Kendall Quisenberry

We Belong

A short film by program alum, The Journey of Max


Microbiology (MIC) 102Introductory Microbiology (3 units) 

Microbiology (MIC) 103LIntroductory Microbiology Laboratory (2 units)

Microbiology (MIC) 198. Directed Group Study of Microbiology (3 units, P/NP)


Food Science and Technology (FST) 104L. Food Microbiology Laboratory (4 units) 

Food Science and Technology (FST) 198. Directed Group Study of Food Science (4 units, P/NP)

Prerequisite Note: This program will be enforcing prerequisites. See Academics for details.

Program Highlights
  • Get class credits for a Life Science laboratory that involves exploring tropical jungles, pristine beaches, exotic markets, and the mega-city of Bangkok.
  • Participate in experiences focused on understanding how humans impact the microbiology on food, human health, and the environment.
  • Meet like-minded students, sample fantastic food, experience exotic cultural activities, visit mystical temples and grand palaces, enjoy walking on tropical beaches, and swimming among world-famous underwater reefs.
  • Be creative to participate in research or service projects to experience Thai culture, Asian Pop culture or contribute to public health, food production or community development.
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