Program Status: Closed for 2013

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Philippines—Labor Supplier to the World

Manila, Philippines

Arrive Date: 7/01/2013    End Date: 7/31/2013

Program Overview

The Philippines’ most profitable export is its people. It is, in fact, one of the world’s largest labor-exporting countries in the world. How does the Philippine government export workers? How do Philippine citizens feel about it? What are the impacts of such large-scale out-migration for people who are left behind? This program will highlight the ways that the Philippine state plays a central role in mobilizing migrants for export, while also looking at how Philippine citizens confront and contest the government’s program of labor exportation. It will examine the economic, political, and social impacts of large-scale migration for the families that migrants leave behind.

Instructor:Robyn Magalit Rodriguez

Taught in English

Max Enrollment: 25

Program Coordinator:Hong Au

Article Spotlight: "UC Davis Humanities Institute Profile Q & A"


Asian American Studies 150 - Filipino American Experience (4 units)

Asian American Studies198 - Directed Group Study (4 units) P/NP grading only.

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