UC Davis Summer Abroad


Status: Open

Info Session: 1/29/18, 12-1pm 
International Center 3119
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Into the Andes—History, Environment, Culture

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don't speak Spanish-is that a problem?
A. No - You do not need to speak Spanish to participate in the program (although you will learn quite a bit there).

Q. I'm a science major-will I struggle with the course?
A. No - In previous years, engineering, math, and physics majors have done very well. We always have a nice selection of majors.

Q. Can we travel after the course?
A. Of course - The instructor, Jordan Lauhon, can help you plan a trip. Most students do travel before or after the program; some venture to Bolivia or Chile while others get to know other areas of Peru. The Amazon Jungle is another possibility.