Status: Closed for 2013

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Housing, Land Use, and Conflict in Israel

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Israel

Arrive Date: 06/22/13   End Date: 07/19/13

Program Overview

This program examines housing and community development in Israel, with a focus on the holy city of Jerusalem. Through lectures and daily field trips, we will learn about critical housing problems facing the city’s diverse population and efforts to build new neighborhoods and regenerate older neighborhoods against the backdrop of competing religious, cultural, and national claims. We will study the political and ideological factors that inform housing policy and the role of the state and community organizations in planning and community development. We will also explore the modern city of Tel Aviv, as well as learn about the Kibbutz movement, the role of development towns, the housing problems of the Bedouin population, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, foreign workers, and much more.

Instructor Letter to Parents      

InstructorRobert Wiener

Taught in: English

Max Enrollment: 22

Program Coordinator: Hong Au

Info Session Presentation

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  • Live in one of the world’s most historic, spiritual, physically beautiful, and contended cities – Jerusalem – and learn about the growth of the city’s built environment through the ages, from biblical times to the present.
  • Explore first-hand Jerusalem’s fascinating neighborhoods where secular and religious, Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs, modern and traditional live side-by-side, often competing for their own piece of the city.
  • Learn about housing and neighborhood development plans and strategies to create a modern city while preserving the city’s rich history and balancing competing claims.
  • Experience the contemporary city of Tel Aviv and its bustling night life and beautiful Mediterranean beaches; an Israeli collective village (kibbutz); a Bedouin encampment; a development town; and sights of great historical significance, such as the Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and Dead Sea. 

Community and Regional Development 153B (4 units)

Community and Regional Development 198 (4 units) - Directed Group Study (P/NP)

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