Summer Abroad Spotlight


Cuba — Narratives of Resistance
Since the Spanish conquest, Cuba has been a major site of resistance—first against Spain and later against the U.S. This program will examine narratives of resistance as they have been articulated in themes of slavery, rebellion, and revolution. We will read Cuban literature, listen to Afro-Cuban music, watch Cuban films, and...

UC Davis Summer Abroad

UC Davis Summer Abroad programs offer students short, intensive academic courses that are complemented with a wealth of excursions and cultural activities. All of our programs are built around UC Davis courses and are led by UC Davis faculty. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English. Class sizes are small — 18-30 students — allowing for an intimate learning experience. UC Davis Summer Abroad is open to all University of California students and students from other US institutions. Create a Study Abroad Account! Related: Summer Abroad Internships.

2015 Programs

Africa and the Middle East

South Africa, From City to Safari

We will examine the processes of community and regional development in the post-apartheid period in South Africa.

Turkey, Classical & Underwater Archaeology

Learn about a variety of fascinating archaeological sites found along the western and southern coastlines of Turkey with the backdrop of gorgeous beaches, lively resort towns, and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Asia and Oceania

Australia, Urban to Outback 

Encounter Australia’s natural wonders and cultural complexities by examining its literature, history, film, environment, and wildlife.

China, A Taste of China

Learn and experience Chinese food and tea culture through a number of field visits to food production sites and locations of historical significance.

Japan, Life Sciences in Japan

Explore aspects of life sciences in Japan: research labs; a fresh water aquarium at an ancient lake; a comprehensive science museum; and a rice fermentation factory.

Japan, Earthquake Hazards Mitigation in Japan

Study Engineering in Tokyo, on the densely populated and seismic Japanese Islands, and learn how the Japanese people have managed to live in such a dynamic place.

South Korea, Sustainable Energy Technologies

Study photovoltaic cells and Korean culture, lithium-ion batteries and UNESCO world heritage sites.

Taiwan, Literature and Film

Study Taiwanese culture though a wide range of literature, film, and art—with the opportunity to meet leading poets and fiction writers.

Thailand, Microbiology Lab in the Kingdom of Smiles

Take a life science laboratory that involves exploring tropical jungles, pristine beaches, exotic markets and the mega-city of Bangkok.


Austria, Vienna—Crossroads of Central Europe

Experience the tradition of extraordinary performances of works from the Classical Period, while learning about Austrian history and culture.

Czech Republic, Exercise & Wellness

Compare and contrast how the Czech people integrate exercise and physical activity into their daily lives as well as how exercise and sport sciences are taught at two leading Czech Universities. 

France, Introduction to Winemaking

Learn the basics of wine making while visiting many of the major French wine regions.

France, Americans in Paris

Walk in the footsteps of Jefferson, Twain, Hemingway, Stein and other Americans in Paris. 

France, Art Studio in Paris and the French Riviera

Live in a chateau on the Mediterranean studying painting and sculptures by great artists who lived and worked on the French Riviera—and your studies continue in Paris.

France, Fashion Marketing in Paris

A defining experience for anyone interested in fashion and marketing.

Greece, Travelers in Greece

Learn about Greece’s vibrant culture while traveling to many beautiful and historical sites.

Iceland, Thermodynamics in the Land of Fire and Ice

What better way to study thermodynamics than in a country with such dynamic geology? From the geothermal heating to the northern lights, you will see Iceland in all its intrigue.

Italy, Engineering of Roman Construction

Experience historical structural analysis up close and personal with the Coliseum, Pantheon and other iconic Roman Architecture.

Italy, Italian Culture and Institutions

Visit Roman, Etruscan, and Greek ruins and discover why Rome is considered an outdoor museum.

Italy, Renaissance Italy and the Birth of Modern Europe

Study the major Florentine figures of the Italian Renaissance—Dante, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and Galileo.

Spain, Housing and Urbanism in Barcelona

Discover the many lessons we can take home from Barcelona on housing development and neighborhood regeneration efforts. 

Spain, Spanish Art

Study Romanesque art in a Monastery, Gothic Art in a Cathedral, Renaissance in a 16th Century Palace, Spanish painting at the Museo del Prado and Museo Reina Sofía. 

Switzerland, The Politics of Global Inequality

Poverty is a global problem that international organizations seek to ameliorate. Learn why poverty persists and how international organizations intervene to help in poor countries.  

United Kingdom, At the Crossroads of Gender and Communication

Consider how men and women communicate as you engage with culture, art, history and the city of London.

United Kingdom, Design in Britain—Inside and Outside Museum Walls

Experience over 1,000 years of trend-setting British architecture and design.

United Kingdom, Oxford—Portal to Fantasy

See what inspired Alice in Wonderland and the Harry Potter books, float the river that Mole and Rat spend their days on, visit Lyra’s home, and discover the many wonders of Oxford, a city rich in history and culture. 

United Kingdom, Scottish Tales

Study the ghosts and hauntings of Edinburgh, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, cruise the Loch Ness, visit Glasgow and trek through the Highlands of Scotland.

United Kingdom, Shakespeare—Live!

Enjoy London in the summer, incredibly long days, free museums, fabulous theatre, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, the Thames River, Big Ben, Hyde Park, the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Leicester Square, and welcoming pubs and parks.

Europe (Multi-Country)

Austria, UK, Genetics—From Mendel to Genomes

Study genetics in Austria and the Czech Republic where Mendel lived and worked at prestigious Cambridge— and where Watson and Crick unraveled the double helix.

UK, Sweden, Genetics—The Global Language of Biology

Study and experience the great genetic breakthroughs in this grand European tour of genetics: Cambridge, Paris, Vienna, and Stockholm and more.

France, Switzerland, World Cinema and the European Film Festival

Attend an entire A-level film festival in the Italian-Swiss Lake region, with two-weeks of preparatory film studies in Cannes, France.

Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe

Learn why some European cities are way ahead of U.S. cities in sustainable development and design.   

Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Celtic Connections

Experience Celtic culture through literature, culture, language, music, and politics.

UK, France, Italy, The Grand Tour

Broaden your literary, cultural, and artistic knowledge while traveling all around Europe.

Latin America

Argentina, Buenos Aires—Music, Film and Culture in the Global City

Experience the vibrant “Paris of Latin America” through the abundance of its street fairs, music and film festivals, cultural activities, and amazing cuisine.

Chile, Human Rights and Democracy in Chile

Discover the richness of Chile’s globally significant political history.

Cuba, Narratives of Resistance

Read Cuban literature, listen to Afro-Cuban music, watch Cuban films, and visit locations and institutions that shed light on Cuba’s political and cultural history of resistance.

Ecuador, Sustainable Ecuador—From the Andes to the Amazon

Interact with indigenous Amazonians while examining their historical development and current initiatives to save the Amazon rainforest. 

Guatemala, Ecological and Social Issues at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Explore the complexity of Atitlan lake and watershed ecological processes and their connections to social and political realities.

Mexico, Chiapas—Literary and Social Movements

Chiapas, home to the Zapatista movement and to rich and diverse contemporary Mayan cultures. 

Peru, History of the Andean Region

Ponder the layers of history inscribed in Cuzco’s world-class architecture. The program includes a three-day trip to Machu Picchu.