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Status: Open

Info Session: 1/29/18, 12-1pm 
International Center 3119
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Travelers in Greece

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Not a problem at all. Most Greeks speak English well and are happy to help travelers. Greek and English language signs abound even in the public transportation system.

Q. The program seems expensive--what does it cover?
A. Travelers in Greece accommodations and services abroad fees covers the following:

  • Double-occupancy hotel rooms in every location--you share a comfortable room and bathroom with another student.
  • Centrally located hotels in every location: you can walk to restaurants, the beach, shopping, banks, and entertainment. 
  • Free WiFi and mini fridges and AC in every hotel.  Pool in Athens hotel.Over 15 field trips to breathtaking sites and museums with licensed guides.
  • All transportation for all field trips, bus transport to and from hotels and travel throughout the mainland; all ferry transports to the three islands (Mykonos, Delos, and Hydra).
  • Breakfast is included in every destination (except 3 days in Mykonos island).
  • Lunch is included in every full day field trip. 
  • Apart from rest of your meals in Greece and the occasional bus ticket if you want to travel to downtown Athens, no other expenses. 

Q. I have heard about Greece's economic crisis--should I worry?
A. Greece has been voted as one of the top destinations in Europe; though the economic crisis is hard on its citizens, Greece continues to remain a popular destination.

Q. Can I travel during the program or after?
A. Travelers in Greece extensively throughout its duration; however, your instructor can help you make travel plans after the program ends--just ask her.