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Americans in Paris

Paris, France

Arrive Date: 7/1/2014    End Date: 7/29/2014

Program Overview

This program examines representations of Paris in the 19th and 20th centuries and its role as the capital of modern culture. We will discuss major texts from Jefferson to Baldwin, listen to key musicians (e.g. Sidney Bechet, Josephine Baker), view major films (e.g. An American in Paris), and learn to read the city and report on its politics from the vantage point of young 21st-century Americans. Classes and student housing will be located near Luxembourg Gardens. Assignments include required readings, visits to museums and jazz clubs, and independent walks throughout the city.

Comments from past Americans in Paris participants:

  • "As a graduating student of UC Davis, I'm very happy to end my undergraduate career with such an inspirational class and professor. This program has definitely opened my eyes to the world around me."
  • "I see America completely differently now, and this experience has made me want to travel and do more with my life."
  • "I have a deeper understanding of Parisian culture than I thought I would receive from this course. I was able to participate in new activities that we don't have in the U.S. I made connections with other students as well as the Parisians."

InstructorRaquel Scherr

Taught in English

Max Enrollment: 30

Program CoordinatorRosana Avila


Find full course descriptions in the UC Davis General Catalog. Note: In many cases the prerequisites are waived by consent of instructor. For more information on prerequisites for UC Davis Summer Abroad courses, visit the Academics page.

Comparative Literature 180S - Selected Topics in Comparative Literature (4 units)

Study of a selected topic or topics appropriate to student and faculty interests and areas of specialization of the instructor. May be repeated once for credit when the topic differs.

GE credit: AH, WC, WE.
Pre-Fall 2011 GE credit: ArtHum, Wrt,


Comparative Literature 198 - Directed Group Study (4 units) (P/NP grading only)

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