UC Davis Summer Abroad


StatusNot Offered in 2018

Human Rights and Democracy in Chile

Santiago, Chile

Arrive Date: July 1, 2017   End Date: July 29, 2017

Program Overview

Forty-four years after General Pinochet’s military coup overthrew President Salvador Allende’s democratically-elected government, Chile stands as a symbol of the horrors of state terror, the power of grassroots mobilization, the struggle for justice, and the challenges of forging democracy after dictatorship. This program explores the battles being waged over history, the courage of human rights activists, the quest for truth and justice, and the role of powerful social movements in deepening democracy. Students live with host families; interact with important politicians, activists, artists, and academics; and work toward a complex vision of Chile today. The program’s home base is the University of Chile, but the country will be your classroom. Field trips include visits to significant historical sites, the city of Valparaíso, and the homes of Nobel poet Pablo Neruda. No knowledge of Spanish is required.

Instructor:  Michael Lazzara

Taught in:  English

Max Enrollment:  30

Program CoordinatorKendall Quisenberry 


Spanish (SPA) 175. Topics in Spanish American Cultural Studies (4 units, taught in English)

Spanish (SPA) 198. Directed Group Study (4 units, Pass/No Pass grading only)

Program Highlights
  • Discover the richness of Chile’s history and culture on one of the most inexpensive programs offered by summer abroad!
  • Figure out why Chile’s political and historical experience over the past 40 years is so important on a global scale and intimately intertwined with US history!
  • Experience the music of Victor Jara, the poetry of Pablo Neruda, the promise of the revolutionary era, the pain of the dictatorship, the dilemmas of the transition to democracy, the warmth of the Chilean people, the wonder of the Andes, and the bounty of one of the world’s most geographically diverse nations.
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