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Info Session: 1/24/18, 12-1pm 
International Center 3119 
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Buenos Aires — Music, Film and Culture in the Global City

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arrive Date:  August 6, 2018    End Date:  September 3, 2018

Program Overview

In this program, we will study how Buenos Aires has been imagined and represented by contemporary writers, filmmakers, visual artists, musicians, and photographers. Moving freely in and out of the classroom setting, we will encounter firsthand the city's many cultural offerings: eclectic architecture, film and music festivals, theaters, and world famous street art. The close study of the city's vibrant and cosmopolitan culture will allow for a deeper understanding of Argentina's complex history and its relationship to other Latin American countries.

InstructorAna Peluffo 

Taught in: English

Max Enrollment: 30

Program Coordinator: Erin Schlemmer


Spanish (SPA) 175Topics in Spanish American Cultural Studies (4 units, taught in English)

Spanish (SPA) 198. Directed Group Study (4 units, P/NP)

Program Highlights
  • Enjoy one of the lowest-cost summer abroad programs!
  • Learn to prepare typical specialties of the Argentine cuisine during a cooking class.
  • Get lost in the San Telmo market, one of the largest street fairs in the world.
  • Experience the Buenos Aires nightlife, the "city that never sleeps."
  • Live in Chic Palermo Soho and enjoy the wonderful and affordable world class cuisine.
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