UC Davis Seminars Abroad

UC Davis Seminars Abroad are focused learning opportunities typically offered in September, June or during winter break. UC Davis faculty lead students through UC Davis courses enhanced by field trips, onsite projects and group activities. Programs may be a stand-alone course or an onsite component for a course taught during the regular term on campus. Programs are around 2 weeks and students receive 2-6 UC Davis units.


Poland—Equine Welfare and Management (NEW)

UC Davis Seminars Abroad, Banner Photo, Poland Program

Immerse yourself in Polish culture and cuisine, visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and learn about the ways in which housing and management influences the behavior and welfare of horses in this hands-on course. Learn more about the UC Davis Seminars Abroad program in Poland.

Rome—Art and the City

UC Davis Seminars Abroad, Banner Photo, Rome Program

A world capital for over 2000 years, Rome has the greatest historical range of art and architecture of any major city. The class will meet entirely on-site (no classroom lectures or exams) with visits to ancient, medieval, and Renaissance and later art and architecture in Rome, and with excursions outside the city proper. Learn more about the UC Davis Seminars Abroad program in Rome.


Nepal—Community, Technology, and Sustainability

UC Davis Seminars Abroad, Banner Photo, Nepal Program

Experience an intensive immersion in Nepal’s exciting social, cultural, physical, technological and ecological change. Pursue international, intercultural, community-engaged learning action research in collaboration with Nepali students and young professionalsLearn more about the UC Davis Seminars Abroad program in Nepal.

Antarctica as a Living System

UC Davis Seminars Abroad, Banner Photo, Antarctica Program

This new program will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study organism-environment interactions in the stunning Antarctic region. It is scheduled to be offered in Fall 2019, with an online course during Fall Quarter and the onsite component during winter break (summer in Antarctica). The fall course will consist of recorded mini-lectures, written assignments, quizzes, readings, and discussion boards. Topics will include the biology, geology, climate and human history of the region, as well as research methodologies and relevant case studies. There will be a special focus on the impacts of global climate change on organism-environment interactions. Learn more about the UC Davis Seminars Abroad program in Antactica.

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