Status: Planned for 2019

Antarctica as a Living System

Arrive Date:  TBD 2019    End Date:  TBD 2019

Program Overview

This new program will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study organism-environment interactions in the stunning Antarctic region. It is scheduled to be offered in 2019, with an online course during Fall Quarter and the onsite component during winter break (summer in Antarctica). The fall course will consist of recorded mini-lectures, written assignments, quizzes, readings, and discussion boards. Topics will include the biology, geology, climate and human history of the region, as well as research methodologies and relevant case studies. There will be a special focus on the impacts of global climate change on organism-environment interactions. The onsite component will begin with a few days of orientation and fieldwork at Ushuaia, Argentina, “the end of the world.” Students and instructor will then embark on the ten-day sea voyage to Antarctica and back. Numerous excursions in zodiac boats will bring students up close to marine and coastal life. Kayaking and overnight camping on Antarctica will be available as add-ons. Along the way students will conduct group research projects, share presentations of their findings, keep a journal, and write a reflective essay. The faculty leader, Prof. Gabrielle Nevitt, has 23 years of field experience in Antarctic research. The organization coordinating the logistics for the program has a long history of providing safe, successful trips for student groups from American universities. The program will be open to students from other UCs and, for qualifying students, financial aid will apply.

Instructor:  Gabrielle Nevitt

Taught in:  English

Max Enrollment:  TBD

Program Coordinator:  Paula Levitt