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Status: Closed for 2018


Organic Chemistry in Nottingham

Nottingham, UK

Arrive Date: September 10, 2018   End Date: December 7, 2018

Program Overview

Complete a key UC Davis organic chemistry sequence in one quarter while studying in historic England. The 128ABC plus 129A (lab) sequence serves chemistry, chemical engineering and food science majors and satisfies the organic chemistry requirement for professional schools. The courses are taught by a UC Davis instructor on-site and are accompanied by a course on the local history, culture, and industry. The University of Nottingham is a leader in the field of sustainable chemistry and the East Midlands region is rich in history and natural beauty. Nottingham is two hours from London by train and a short flight away from Dublin, Paris, Brussels and beyond.

InstructorMark Mascal

Taught in: English

Max Enrollment: 30

Program CoordinatorAspen Felt

Info Session Presentation

Courses (14 units)

Chemistry (CHE) 128A. Organic Chemistry (3)

Chemistry (CHE) 128B. Organic Chemistry (3)

Chemistry (CHE) 128C. Organic Chemistry (3)

Chemistry (CHE) 129A. Organic Chemistry Lab (2) 

Chemistry (CHE) 198. Chemistry in Culture (3)

Eligibility & Prerequisites

This program is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements and who have taken the necessary prerequisites

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