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Status: Open

Political Science at the London School of Economics


This custom program with LSE carries a total of 16 quarter units. Students will enroll in the courses listed below. One course is taught by a UC Davis faculty member while the other courses and activities are developed by LSE faculty. Auditing is not an option.

Please see the Academics Student Resource page to learn more about applying Quarter Abroad coursework toward your major/minor/General Education requirements.

Quarter Abroad programs are academic programs so participants should expect a substantial amount of course work.


Political Science (POL) 140B - Draft 2017

Political Science (POL) 137 - Draft 2017

Political Science (POL) 147A - Draft 2017

Political Science (POL) 190 - Draft 2016

Courses (16 units)

Political Science (POL) 140BComparative Political Institutions: Parties (4)

Political Science (POL) 137. International Relations in Western Europe (4) – focus on Britain and the European Union

Political Science (POL) 147A. West European Politics (4) – focus on politics and institutions of Europe

Political Science (POL) 190. International Relations (4) – includes distinguished speakers series and visits to political institutions in London


This program is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements. Program-specific requirements listed below:


No prerequisites are enforced for this program beyond the general eligibility requirements.