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Status: Closed

British Culture & Internships in London 

London, UK

Arrive Date: March 27, 2018    End Date: June 9, 2018

Program Overview

Spend spring quarter in the heart of London! You will take two upper-division English courses focusing on the rich culture, literature, and history of England—special focus this year on crime and detection in fiction and film. A second course will study British Culture, with regular site visits in and around the city. Students will take classes in the fashionable borough of Kensington, near Hyde Park and Kensington Palace, and visit the real-life places where the fiction is set. You will also have the unique opportunity to participate in a professional internship for 18-20 hours a week in almost any field. In past years, student internships have included positions at museums, publishers, health organizations and marketing firms. Excursions out and about in London are an integral part of the program, and, beyond London, students can expect to visit Bath, Stonehenge, and other cultural attractions.

InstructorDavid Simpson

Taught in:  English

Max Enrollment: 29

Program Coordinator:  Brianne Holden

Info Session Presentation

Courses (14 units)

English (ENL) 149London Crime and Detection in Fiction and Film (4)

English (ENL) 163. British Life and Culture (4) 

English (ENL) 192. Internship (6, P/NP)

Eligibility & Prerequisites

This program is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements and who have taken the necessary prerequisites

NOTE: International students may be required to take a language test as part of the visa process.


Students will participate in a professional internship for 18-20 hours per week in almost any career field and have the opportunity to receive transcript notation. After students enroll in UC Davis Quarter Abroad London, there will be a separate internship application that is required in order to participate in the program. Students will receive information about deadlines for the supplementary application which will require a resume, cover letter, two letters of recommendation (academic and professional), police background check, and an online application to CAPA. Final internship placement will be determined just prior to departure and may require an in-country interview. Click on the internship examples below to get an idea of the types of placements that can be offered. Please note: you apply to a specific field for your desired internship, not a specific company.

This list is not exclusive. If you'd like more information about internships, feel free to contact the program coordinator.

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