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Japanese Language & Culture in Kyoto 

Kyoto, Japan

Arrive Date: March 31, 2017    End Date: June 9, 2017

Program Overview 

This program takes place in beautiful Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital. While attending Kyoto Seika University, students will enroll in accelerated language and culture courses, participate in exciting excursions, and spend spring quarter exploring the cultural riches that Kyoto and the surrounding regions have to offer. The program is divided into two levels, consisting of courses for those who have completed Japanese 2 or Japanese 5. In Japan, students will complete an entire year of Japanese in only one quarter.

Instructor: Joseph Sorensen

Taught in: Japanese and English depending on class level

Max Enrollment: 30

Program CoordinatorAspen Felt

Info Session Presentation

Courses (19-22 units)

Students will take accelerated Japanese language classes at Kyoto Seika University. In addition to the language courses, all students will take a Japanese culture course (JPN 15S) to help them better understand the city of Kyoto and its surroundings.

Intermediate - Total Units: 22

Japanese (JPN) 3Elementary Japanese (5)

Japanese (JPN) 4Intermediate Japanese (5)

Japanese (JPN) 5Intermediate Japanese (5)

Japanese (JPN) 6Intermediate Japanese (5)

Japanese (JPN) 15SIntroduction to Japanese Culture (2)

Training in spoken and written Japanese in cultural context, based on language skills developed in previous courses.

Advanced - Total Units: 19

Japanese (JPN) 6Intermediate Japanese (5)

Japanese (JPN) 111Modern Japanese: Reading and Discussion (4)

Japanese (JPN) 112Modern Japanese: Reading and Discussion (4)

Japanese (JPN) 113Modern Japanese: Reading and Discussion (4)

Japanese (JPN) 15SIntroduction to Japanese Culture (2)

Readings in modern Japanese short stories, newspaper articles, and essays; conversation practice based on these readings.

Please take note that these courses are accelerated and intensive.

Eligibility & Prerequisites

This program is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements and who have taken the necessary prerequisites

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