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Status: Open

Info Session: 1/23/18, 12-1pm 
International Center 2119
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Italian Language & Culture in Florence

Florence, Italy

Arrive Date: August 27, 2018    End Date: December 15, 2018

Program Overview

This 16-week program takes place in the beautiful city of Florence, where you will take accelerated Italian language, film, and culture courses, and explore electives such as art history, food studies, fashion marketing, and more. Many of your courses will be taught outside—taking advantage of the beautiful setting of Florence and surrounding areas in Tuscany. Quarter Abroad partners with CEA, an organization well-known for its high quality study abroad programs, in-country coordination of housing and language instruction. In addition, all program participants have the opportunity to integrate into the Florentine community and practice their language skills through unique internship and volunteering experiences in various settings. You can read about the award-winning internship program in the following Dateline article here.


InstructorMargherita Heyer-Caput

Taught in: English and Italian

Max Enrollment: 30

Program CoordinatorAspen Felt

Courses (19-23 units)

Beginning - Total Units: 19 + Electives

Italian (ITA) 1S. Beginning Italian (5)

Italian (ITA) 2S. Beginning Italian (5)

Italian (ITA) 3S. Beginning Italian (5)

Italian (ITA) 121S/ Film Studies (FMS) 121S. New Italian Cinema (4)

1-2 Electives from list here

Intermediate - Total Units: 16 + Electives

Italian (ITA) 4S. Intermediate Italian (4)

Italian (ITA) 5S. Intermediate Italian (4)

Italian (ITA) 9S. Reading Italian (4)

Italian (ITA) 121S/ Film Studies (FMS) 121S. New Italian Cinema (4)

1-2 Electives from list here

Advanced - Total Units: 15 + Electives

Italian (ITA) 8AS. Italian Conversation

Italian (ITA) 8BS. Italian Conversation (3)

Italian (ITA) 101SAdvanced Composition, Conversation and Grammar (4)

Italian (ITA) 121S/ Film Studies (FMS) 121S. New Italian Cinema (4)

Italian (ITA) 192S. Italian Internship (1 unit/40 hours total)*

1-2 Electives from list here

*1-unit internship required; optional 2-unit internship (60 hours total)

Eligibility & Prerequisites

This program is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements and who have taken the necessary prerequisites

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