UC Davis Quarter Abroad Australia


Status: Open

Info Session: 2/1/2018, 12-1pm,
International Center 2119,
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Australian Internships & Writing in Sydney


This program carries a total of 18 quarter units. Students will enroll in the courses listed below. Auditing is not an option. 

Please see the Academics Student Resource page to learn more about applying Quarter Abroad coursework toward your major/minor/General Education requirements.

Quarter Abroad programs are academic programs so participants should expect a substantial amount of course work.


Article Spotlight: "UC Davis Ranked Nationally for Writing in the Disciplines Program"


University Writing Program (UWP) TBD

University Writing Program (UWP) 110

University Writing Program (UWP) 198

University Writing Program EAP/UWP 192

Courses (18 units)

University Writing Program (UWP) 104A. Writing in the Professions: Business Writing (4)

University Writing Program (UWP) 110. Specialized Genres in Professional Writing: Travel Writing (4) 

University Writing Program (UWP) 198. Australian Life and Culture (4, Pass/No Pass)

This course, co-taught with CAPA Sydney faculty, will include a brief overview of Australian history, including a unit on indigenous people before and after the British colonization (to see connections to US history on multiple levels); an overview of geography including landforms / flora / fauna; a sense of Australian literature / art ("high culture") as well as popular culture (film, TV, sport); a brief introduction to the form of government, and enough background about recent politics for students to be able to read the news and understand current controversies. Instruction will be via a mix of classroom and short field trips, with discussion and participation required for a passing grade.

University Writing Program (UWP) 192 and/or EAP 192. Internship (6, Pass/No Pass)

NOTE: All credited internships will be sponsored by a UC Davis faculty member from the University Writing Department. This sponsor will evaluate the academic content of the internship experience. The department will assign the student a CRN number for enrollment and the student will enroll in the course prior to departure. Students will receive transcript notation for their internships. Internships are not paid internships. Students may also arrange to have their internship sponsored by another department related to their major or career field, and if they want to do this, they should contact the Australia Program Coordinator at UC Davis Study Abroad for more information.

All students participating in this program are required to complete and submit a CAPA Internship Application, a Resume (also known as a Curriculum Vitae or CV), a Personal Statement and two letters of recommendation (one academic and one professional). After being accepted into the program, you will receive a copy of the Internship Application and instructions for completing the other documents; these required documents are due in May. If you are thinking about applying to this program, it is most advantageous to start thinking about these additional requirements now. If you need help with this component of the application process, please feel free to contact the program coordinator or contact Luis Miguel Esparza (lesparza@ucdavis.edu) at the Internship & Career Center. Additional resources, including resume and cover letter format guides and internship application workshops will also be available to enrolled students.


This program is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements.


ENL 3 or UWP 1 or equivalent*

Sophomore Standing (45 quarter units or above)

*Equivalents include: Comparative literature (COM) 1, 2, 3, 4; Native American Studies 5; UWP 1V, UWP 1Y; or equivalent courses for non-UC Davis students.

NOTE: International Students may be required to complete an English interview with program provider.

Prerequisite Equivalents for Students from Other UC's


All participants are guaranteed an internship in their field of study or a related one. After acceptance into the program, students will work with the CAPA internship placement team to secure their internship placement. 

Students will participate in a professional internship for 18 hours per week. Students can complete internships in almost any career field, including:

There are internships in many fields and organizations available in Sydney, so use this list to get an idea of the fields of placements that are offered. If you'd like more information about internships, feel free to contact the program coordinator, or visit CAPA's website.