UC Davis Quarter Abroad Enrollment

Program Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in a UC Davis Quarter Abroad Program, you must

  • Be a registered student at a University of California (UC) campus—from the date of enrollment through the program end date;
  • Be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or above;
  • Be in good disciplinary standing; and
  • Meet any program specific requirements or prerequisites (see individual program pages for details).

NOTE: If you have not fulfilled all of the program prerequisites, you may contact quarterabroad@ucdavis.edu to discuss your eligibility. UC Davis Quarter Abroad is open only to UC students. Students enrolled at other non-UC colleges or universities may want to visit the UC Davis Summer Abroad Program website. UC Davis Summer Abroad programs are open to students from all campuses.

How to Enroll

UC Davis Quarter Abroad programs fill on a first-completed, first reserved basis, so submit your enrollment early to secure your spot in one of our programs. 

1. Create a Study Abroad account

2. Fill out your profile with your programs of interest

3. Start gathering items for your enrollment such as your Health Clearance and Passport Copy (instructions below)

4. Start by clicking "Apply Here" in the top menu and select a term next to your program.

5. Starting on September 28th (for Spring programs) or January 10th (for Fall programs), once you have completed all steps of the Enrollment section you may pay your $300 deposit and submit your enrollment. The last day to enroll for open programs is December 8th (for Spring programs) and April 6th (for Fall programs).

You can find more information on enrollment and other important subjects in the Study Abroad Student Handbook and Quarter Abroad Guide. Please feel free to contact quarterabroad@ucdavis.edu with any questions or concerns.

Dates and Deadlines

Quarter Abroad

Spring 2018

Fall 2018

Enrollment opens

September 28

January 10

Information Sessions



Program is "confirmed" (once a program meets the minimum enrollment)



Book your airfare (when program is "confirmed")



Last day to enroll for open programs

December 8

April 6

Deadline for other-UC students to submit ICV form

December 8

April 6

Cancellation deadline–50% ASA Fee  (see Cancellation Policy)

December 15

April 13

Final day to submit outstanding health clearance and/or passport copy 

January 8

May 11

Cancellation deadline–100% ASA and QA Fee (see Cancellation Policy)

January 12

May 11

Pre-departure Orientation

February 3

May 19

Post-Enrollment Information Due

January 26

May 11

Quarter Abroad Fees Due

March 15

September 15

Passport Information

A photocopy of your valid passport must be submitted with your UC Davis Quarter Abroad enrollment. Please make sure that your passport will remain valid for 6 months after the day you plan to return from the program.

Don't have a passport?
That's ok! Submit a receipt as proof that you have applied for one in lieu of your passport. When you receive your passport, you must upload a copy to your enrollment right away. For more information on getting a passport, please visit the U.S. State Department website or UC Davis ARC.

Health Clearance Instructions

All students enrolling in a UC Davis Quarter Abroad program must complete the Health Clearance process. You will need to upload this in your Study Abroad account with the rest of your enrollment materials.

If you are planning to complete your health clearance through the UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services, you are required to complete one clearance for each program you plan on enrolling in. If you submit two Health-e-Messaging questionnaires within a span of three months, you will not be charged for your second clearance. After three months and/or two programs, you will be charged for additional clearances. If you are planning to go to more than one travel clinic country (see below), you will need to attend one travel clinic appointment for each travel clinic country.

Students are encouraged to seek a health-clearance as soon as they have determined their destination. Follow the instructions below to get this important part of your enrollment underway today!

UC Davis Students

Option 1: Online via the UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services
All UC Davis students have the option of using the Student Health and Counseling Services to obtain a health clearance.*

1. Login to the Health-e-Messaging through the Student Health and Counseling Services website using your Login ID and passphrase.

2. Enter your UC Davis student ID number.

3. Click "Messages" on the Health-e-Messaging homepage

4. Click "New Message" near the top of the Messages page.

5. Select “Student Health Services” and click “Continue."

6. Select "Request Clearance for Travel Abroad" and click "Continue."

7. Respond to travel clinic country question and click "Continue."

a) If yes, answer if you've completed a travel clinic appointment in the last 30 days and click "Continue."

b) If no, continue answering questions below.

8. Select "UC Davis Faculty-led (Summer Abroad, Quarter Abroad, Seminars Abroad)" and click "Continue."

9. Follow the instructions to complete the remainder of the Health History Questionnaire.

10. Follow the instructions below based on the country you will be traveling to (Non-Travel Clinic OR Travel Clinic):

If you are traveling to a Travel Clinic Country [Argentina, Bhutan, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Chile, China (does not include Hong Kong or Taiwan), Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam]:

If you are traveling to a Non-Travel Clinic Country

You will receive an email informing you that the Health Center will contact you to schedule an in-person Travel Clinic Appointment. Print this email to PDF and upload it to your account with your enrollment in lieu of your Health Clearance. Note: You will be required to submit your final Health Clearance after your in-person appointment.

Within two weeks of submitting your Health History Questionnaire you will receive an email via Health e Messaging confirming that your information has been reviewed and you have been cleared for travel abroad. Print to PDF the entire email, including your completed Health History Questionnaire, and upload it to your enrollment.

*If you waived Davis SHIP insurance by providing proof of private health insurance, you will be charged the full cost of any recommended vaccinations or travel medications – and should therefore seek these services from your primary care physician.

Instructions for Health Clearance Upload from UC Davis “Health-e-Messaging”

  1. View your Health Clearance (the SECOND email you receive*)
  2. Click inside the text box and select all the text, including the Health History Questionnaire answers
  3. Copy and paste the selected text into a Word document
  4. Save the Word document as a PDF by selecting "Save As"
  5. Select a location to save your health clearance
  6. For "File name" enter the following this pattern: “Last name_First Name_HealthClearance”
  7. For "Save as type" select "PDF" from the dropdown option
  8. Click “Save”
  9. Upload your Health Clearance to your enrollment

*If you are traveling to a Travel Clinic Country, please upload the first email you receive which is proof that you have started the Travel Clinic process and will be going to a travel clinic appointment. After you attend your Travel Clinic appointment, you will receive another email from the health center that you must upload no later than the deadline specified in your enrollment.  


Pick up a hard copy of your health clearance from the Student Health and Wellness Center located on La Rue Road between Hutchison Drive and Orchard Road, across the street from the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) and next to the Colleges at La Rue. Next, scan the health clearance, save the health clearance as a PDF, and upload the PDF to your enrollment.

Option 2: Paper copy via Private Physician
If you are a UC Davis student with private health insurance (i.e. you submitted a Davis SHIP waiver and receive health insurance from a private health care provider), you may choose to see your physician to complete the Health Clearance Forms. To do this, see instructions for Non-UC Davis students below.

Non-Davis Students

Paper Copy via Private Physician or non-Davis Campus Health Center

You may see your private physician or your campus health clinic to complete the Health Clearance process. In order to do this, please download and print the Health Clearance Form. Complete this form and take it with you to your appointment. Your doctor will review the information with you, talk to you about travel health issues, provide you with the required immunizations for your destination and clear you for travel abroad by signing the last page of the Health Clearance Form. It is your responsibility to upload this form to your enrollment.

For information on immunization requirements, please click here.