UC Davis Quarter Abroad FAQs

How is Quarter Abroad different from other programs?

UC Davis Quarter Abroad programs take place in either fall or spring quarter and range from 9-16 weeks. You will take UC Davis courses, designed by UC Davis faculty, while earning 12-28 units during the quarter. 

Will I earn academic credit for courses I take while studying abroad?

Yes. All required coursework taught on a UC Davis Quarter Abroad program are accredited UC Davis courses. Credit from these courses may also fulfill major, minor, general education, and foreign language requirements. All Quarter Abroad courses and their descriptions are listed in the UC Davis General Catalog. Some programs offer electives where we partner with universities.  You should discuss this coursework with your Program Coordinator.

Can I get recognition for courses I take abroad, but will not use to fulfill a major or minor requirement?

Yes. The Global and International Studies (GIS) Minor at UC Davis was developed to give students recognition for upper division course work taken abroad that is not being applied toward their major or another minor. For more information on the GIS Minor click here.

How will study abroad affect my future career goals and plans?

Employers recognize study abroad as an experience that builds personal and intercultural skills that will benefit you in your career. Be sure to highlight your study abroad experience to future employers by adding it to your resume. The UC Davis Internship and Career Center offers workshops specifically designed to help you market your study abroad experience to potential employers and graduate school admissions committees.

Can I do an internship while studying abroad?

Many of the Quarter Abroad programs do offer internship opportunities as part of the required course work. This portion of the program will provide you with amazing work experience and hands-on knowledge in your field. All internships through Quarter Abroad are unpaid and you will earn academic credit.

What is the typical class size?

Classes are small, ranging from 16-30 students.

Can I go on more than one program?

Usually, as long as the program dates do not overlap. Please contact quarterabroad@ucdavis.edu to see if this will be an option for you.

Are programs ever cancelled?

Yes. Programs can be cancelled due to an instructor emergency, low enrollment, or at the discretion of the university due to safety concerns.

Is travel to the program site included in the budget?

Travel costs are included in the estimated personal expenses of the program but are not charged as part of the program fees. This amount is an estimate of how much a flight to the program location will cost. You are free to make your own flight arrangements and prices will vary. As a participant you will receive a Program Specific Guide that will provide instructions for travel, identify the nearest international airport and explain the options for transportation from the airport to the program site. For more information on program costs, please refer to the individual program page on the website.

Will there be a group flight arranged for the program?

No. You are free to make your own flight arrangements. We do encourage you to talk with other students in the program and arrange to fly together. As a participant you will receive a Program Specific Guide that will provide instructions for travel, identify the nearest international airport and explain the options for transportation from the airport to the program site.

Can I stay with family or friends that live in my host country rather than stay in the program accommodations?

No. In order to participate in the program, students must also stay at the program accommodations.

Does UC Davis Quarter Abroad offer courses in science?

Yes. Quarter Abroad has programs that offer classes in science subjects. Check with your major advisor to determine how the offered courses can be applied to your major. Keep in mind that courses offered in other fields may be used by Science and Engineering majors for General Education credit.

I have a disability. Can I still study abroad?

Yes. Students with disabilities are encouraged to explore opportunities to study abroad. Although not all programs can accommodate all types of disabilities, we want as many students as possible to have a study abroad experience. It is important to plan ahead and consult with a Quarter Abroad Program Coordinator as early as possible so we can direct you to the appropriate resources and programs. If you wait to arrange your accommodations, we may not be able to arrange them.

For further assistance and advice, we encourage you to talk to your Quarter Abroad Program Coordinator or to contact the UC Davis Student Disability Center. You may also find study abroad resources for students with disabilities on UC Davis Study Abroad's "Students with Disabilities" Diversity & Access Abroad webpage.

What resources are available to LGBTQIA students who wish to study abroad?

A list of travel and study abroad resources, such as the NAFSA Association of International Educators' Rainbow special interest group and UC Davis Study Abroad's "LGBTQIA" Diversity & Access Abroad webpage. The LGBTQIA Resource Center at UC Davis also provides resources, such as the Study Abroad Interactive Map. Some of our host providers and staff members are even Safe Zone certified!  Please feel free to talk with a Quarter Abroad Program Coordinator about any questions or concerns you may have about studying abroad.