UC Davis Quarter Abroad

UC Davis Quarter Abroad offers students a chance to earn UC Davis units while participating in quarter-length programs designed by UC Davis faculty and taught in an international setting. Programs run 10-16 weeks and allow students to earn 12-27 quarter units straight out of the UC Davis Course Catalog. UC Davis Quarter Abroad programs are open to all UC students.

Program Eligibility

  • Be a registered UC student—from the date of application through the program end date;
  • Be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or above;
  • Be in good disciplinary standing; and
  • Meet any program specific requirements or prerequisites (see individual program pages for details)

UC Davis Quarter Abroad – Spring Programs



UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Japan (Spring 2015)

Japanese Language & Culture in Kyoto




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Spain (Spring 2015)

Spanish Language & Internships in Madrid




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Taiwan (Spring 2015)

Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Taipei




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, UK (Spring 2015)

British Culture & Internships in London


UC Davis Quarter Abroad – Fall Programs



UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Argentina (Fall 2015)

Spanish Language & Culture in Mendoza 




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Australia (Fall 2015)

Australian Writing & Internships in Sydney




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Italy (Fall 2015)

Italian Language & Culture in Florence




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Mexico (Fall 2015)

Latino/a Health Internship in Oaxaca




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, UK (Fall 2015)

Organic Chemistry in Nottingham


Supplemental content



Spanish Language & Culture in Mendoza

At the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo students will take accelerated courses in Spanish language and Latin American culture. As part of the program, students will participate in many special hikes and excursions, including a trip to Patagonia, visits to regional vineyards, and much more. The program offers three levels. In addition to the language courses, all students will take an upper division course in Spanish American culture....