UC Davis Quarter Abroad

UC Davis Quarter Abroad offers students a chance to earn UC Davis units while participating in quarter-length programs designed by UC Davis faculty and taught in an international setting. Programs run 10-16 weeks and allow students to earn 12-27 quarter units straight out of the UC Davis Course Catalog. UC Davis Quarter Abroad programs are open to all UC students.

Program Eligibility

  • Be a registered UC student—from the date of application through the program end date;
  • Be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or above;
  • Be in good disciplinary standing; and
  • Meet any program specific requirements or prerequisites (see individual program pages for details)

UC Davis Quarter Abroad – Spring 2015 Programs



UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Japan (Spring 2015)

Japanese Language & Culture in Kyoto




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Spain (Spring 2015)

Spanish Language & Internships in Madrid




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Taiwan (Spring 2015)

Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Taipei




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, UK (Spring 2015)

British Culture & Internships in London


UC Davis Quarter Abroad – Fall 2015 Programs



UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Argentina (Fall 2015)

Spanish Language & Culture in Mendoza 




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Australia (Fall 2015)

Australian Writing & Internships in Sydney




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Italy (Fall 2015)

Italian Language & Culture in Florence




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Mexico (Fall 2015)

Latino/a Health Internship in Oaxaca




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Morocco (Fall 2015)

Arabic Language & Culture in Meknes




UC Davis Quarter Abroad, UK (Fall 2015)

Organic Chemistry in Nottingham


Supplemental content



Spanish Language & Culture in Madrid, Spain

Spain—the very name conjures images of sun-drenched beaches, Moorish castles, and a rich cultural and artistic heritage. In Madrid, students will walk through history itself—down stone-paved streets and past countless flowering balconies of 18th-century buildings...