Summer Abroad Business & Communication Internships


Status: Closed for 2018

New Zealand — Business & Communication

Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand

Arrive Date: June 20, 2018    End Date: August 18, 2018

Program Overview

Business and Communication Internships in New Zealand provide a comprehensive academic, professional and cultural experience in a land of adventure and natural beauty. Participants have the opportunity to gain marketable skills while learning about professional life in an international context. Opportunities are available in a range of business-related fields, including Marketing, Communication, Web Design, Event Management, Hospitality and Tourism, and more. A list of sample internships.

Students will spend approximately 32 hours per week at their internship and another 8 hours per week for the online course facilitated by a UC Davis instructor. Other program components include excursions and an extensive on-site orientation to help student integrate into the city, their cohort and their internship.

Instructor:  Ken Andersen

Taught in:  English (course taught remotely)

Max Enrollment:  21

Program Coordinator:  Aspen Felt

Info Session Presentation


Education Abroad Program (EAP) 192. Internship (6 units)

Students will intern approximately 32 hours per week at their host company and will be able to apply for transcript notation through the UC Davis Internship and Career Center.

University Writing Program (UWP) 198. Writing for Internships (2 units, P/NP) 

Internship Placement Process

After you have completed the UC Davis Study Abroad online enrollment, you will receive the link to the required online application with International Studies Abroad (ISA), our program partner.  Required supplemental documents include:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Official transcript (see Registrar page)
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from a professor, advisor, or employer
  • Personal statement (short answer questions which are completed as a virtual form in the ISA student portal)

You should prepare all supplemental documents (except for personal statement) AT THE SAME TIME AS you are completing the UC Davis Study Abroad online enrollment, to ensure that your ISA application is completed by the deadline. The internship placement process may include a phone discussion with an ISA program manager to narrow down goals and interests, as well as a phone or Skype interview(s) with potential internship companies. Students are matched with a host company based on their specific skills, experience and goals for the internship. During the ISA application process students will be asked to specify three areas of interest within the fields of business and communication. While every effort will be made to accommodate students’ preferences, specific internship placements are not guaranteed.  Students are encouraged to be open-minded and approach the program with a willingness to learn and grow, both professionally and personally.

Please note that all enrolled students will be placed in a business/communications internship. Students with relevant experience and a GPA over 2.5 may have an internship role with greater responsibility than students without experience or a lower GPA.

Every effort will be made to match students with an internship as early as possible, but please note that final internship placement may be determined just prior to departure.

Resume and Cover Letter Resources

We strongly recommend that all students meet with an advisor at the UC Davis Internship and Career Center to have their resume and cover letter reviewed prior to submitting these documents to ISA. The ICC provides many online resources, such as resume, cover letter and letter of recommendation examples. Please also review ISA’s tips for writing your cover letter and resume.

Program Highlights
  • Exceptional intercultural communication opportunities in an international workplace
  • Excellent opportunity to hone and apply concepts learned in classrooms in real-world, global contexts
  • Tremendous opportunity to make exciting cultural, professional, and geographic discoveries
  • Exciting opportunity to grow professionally and personally
  • Outstanding résumé line item and interview talking point