UC Davis Study Abroad, Student Staff Photo, Sloane Young

Sloane Young

Study Abroad Writing Intern

Hello! My name is Sloane Young and I am a third year Communication student with a minor in Sociology. This summer, I will be traveling to London to take part in the “At the Crossroads of Gender and Communication” study abroad program. It is imperative in today’s world to recognize the gender issues that constitute our everyday experience. This program will give me the necessary tools to both rid myself of ignorance and create a platform for equality.

I was inspired to go abroad after my involvement with UNICEF. I began my work with the organization in high school, but it quickly turned into a lifelong partnership. UNICEF seeks to halt the oppression of children on an international level. It has had a profound impact on children in underprivileged regions and has successfully channeled people’s attention to a worthy cause. My participation in local fundraisers and awareness campaigns, have spawned my most rewarding experiences.

Given my knowledge about these persisting inequalities, I have developed myself into a seasoned traveler. Although traveling has taught me that societal issues are shared abroad, I have also learned that culture is anything but shared. It is a representation unique to a collective that begs to be understood. For that reason, I want to participate in this program and dedicate my college experience to all forms of new knowledge.

In light of my major, I hope to explore communication in relation to gender roles, media, relationships, cognition, and more. I am eager to leave my comfort zone, knowing what awaits me, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.

Articles for Fall Quarter 2016 (In Progress)

I would like to explore London's recognition & perspective on recent world events. Topics: the LGBTQ community; the Muslim & immigrant communities; gender equality; and more.

The Lone Wolf

A closer look at how isolation and solitude is perceived in European culture compared to American culture. Is it more or less socially acceptable to be alone? Observations include looking at the frequency of those eating, sitting, going to movies, attending events, and wandering alone (& the reactions of others).

Software Update

Is London technologically updated or outdated? How updated are mobile devices, vehicles, electronic watches? In addition, what other technological features are incorporated into everyday life? i.e. frequency of street lighting, wifi accessibility.

The Melting Pot

A note on interracial marriages and relationships, and the prevalence of each race. How London reflects these demographics based on shops, restaurants, cuisine, beauty & dress culture. How common interracial relationships are vs. how they are understood.

Safety First

An article about my observations on law enforcement and other security measures in both London & Paris. It would be interesting to compare it to America, as we seemingly have different approaches to public protection.

The Great Outdoors

An article about the outdoor lifestyle that Londoners crave. Residing next to a public park gave me access to the daily park-goers, not to mention being exposed to an array of public parks & gardens scattered throughout the city.