UC Davis Study Abroad, Student Staff Photo, Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore

Study Abroad Writing Intern

My name is Kelly Moore and I am a double-major in Design and Digital Media at UC Davis. Coming away from my first year at the university, I knew I wanted to continue learning and making friends over the summer, which led me to the decision to study abroad. This summer I am participating in the Summer Abroad Program, “Filmmaking in Ireland.” I have always loved movies and the process of creating so I felt this program would be ideal given my interests. Throughout the program, we are given the opportunity to create a video from a genre of our choosing (documentary, music video, narrative, etc.). Ireland provides plenty of material for our films with its rich culture, captivating history, and beautiful landmarks. We are visiting the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Cliffs of Moher, and many other famous Irish destinations—all while planning, shooting, and editing our films. This being my first time traveling outside the country, I am thrilled to experience a culture unlike one I have ever known.  

Articles Ideas for Fall Quarter 2016 (In Progress)
The Most Beautiful Things I Have Seen Outside of America

Summary: My summer abroad trip to Ireland will be my first time out of the country, making this upcoming experience equally exciting and terrifying. On my program, I am being given the opportunity to create a video from my chosen genre (documentary, narrative, music video, etc.). In order to make this video, I will constantly have be aware of my surroundings, looking for any material I can find to use in my project. Pulling inspiration from Irish people, landmarks, events, and more will enable me to reflect on my experience with greater understanding and detail. In this article, I will share all of my most memorable moments from an experience unlike one I have ever known.

A Summer at Home vs. A Summer Abroad

Summary: In this article I will be comparing different perspectives of the same summer. In one perspective I will be reviewing the summer of 2016 as if I had stayed in my hometown and worked my usual position as a lifeguard at a community pool. In the second perspective I will be talking about my Summer Abroad trip to Ireland and how the program opened my eyes to a world I had no idea even existed. There are only three months for summer in which students have the freedom to chose what they want to do with their time and this article will encourage them to make the most of it.

Cinema’s Role in Irish Culture

Summary: Ireland is home to the Irish Film Institute and educates and inspires audiences. In this article, I plan to write about how my program helped me gain a better understanding of how film production takes place, while simultaneously educating me about the history and culture of Ireland. Participating in a film production program in one of the hotspots for cinema will help me creatively and enrich my overall experience and appreciation for Ireland as my chosen destination.

Finding Value in my Education

Summary: It would be an understatement to say that the coursework in college can be stressful. With essays, projects, and exams the opportunity to learn and receive a quality education can often be mistaken as a burden or chore. In this article, I plan to write about how the opportunity to study abroad changed my perspective on education and how I learned to value it as a privilege. “Filmmaking in Ireland” is a unique opportunity for me to experience onsite film production that allows me to gain insight on my career path as a double-major in Design and Digital Media. I would like to shine light on the fact that this trip is an investment in my future and not simply a chance to satisfy credits over the summer.

Say Goodbye to Screen Time

Summary: Living in the digital era you can almost always find people around you on various devices. We live a large part of our lives looking and living through the screens of our cellphones, laptops, tablets and more. The chance to study abroad is a rare opportunity students should be using to experience new people and cultures, not to use as a new location to post about on Instagram. While it is important to capture your trip with pictures and other forms of media, it is more important to absorb everything this unique program has to offer without the barrier of technology. I will be writing about my own struggle with finding a balance between recording the highlights of my trip and staying off my devices in order to fully enjoy Ireland.

Eating Healthy and Staying Active Overseas

Summary: Coming to UC Davis, finding a way to balance school and social activities with a healthy diet and exercise was challenging. In this article, I plan to write about the manageability of maintaining physical health while taking full advantage of all the opportunities the Summer Abroad program has to offer. Whether it be sampling Cork’s artisanal cuisine or hiking through Killarney National Park, I will always be on the lookout for ways to incorporate this cultural experience with staying healthy. I believe the challenge to push myself to find healthy activities will enrich my overall experience by encouraging me to explore Ireland in ways I would not have without this goal.