UC Davis Study Abroad, Student Staff Photo, David Madey

David Madey

Study Abroad Writing Intern

My name is David Madey, and I am a Mechanical Engineering student here at UC Davis.  Aside from studying, I am involved with various campus programs and activities.  For the past two years, I have been a Campus Ambassador for UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions, also known as a Tour Guide.  This fall, I will be returning as a Residential Advisor for UC Davis Student Housing. 

For fun, I enjoy bike riding, swimming, reading, traveling, and even swing dancing!  As a hobby, I also create stop motion, live action, and educational videos via my partnership with YouTube

I realized early on that I wanted to travel and expand my horizon.  The opportunity presented itself when I was a senior in high school.  I was privileged to participate in an international Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Germany and the Czech Republic.  After that, I became aware of a world waiting for me to explore! 

So, the summer prior to starting college, I traveled to the country of Armenia.  I spent one month working in small villages with Habitat for Humanity to help build homes for those in need.  While there, I also volunteered at a nearby orphanage to teach children math, English, and even martial arts!  That trip literally changed my life!

This summer, I will be traveling to Rome to start off my junior year and study the “Marvels of Roman Architecture and Engineering” along with several other students.  I am fascinated with the engineering behind the ancient metropolis of the fallen Roman Empire, and the innovation during the Renaissance.  Italian architecture is where engineering and art collide—the true beauty of engineering at its best. 

I believe that the best time to travel abroad is while you’re in college.  Even as an inexperienced traveler, a study abroad program is a great place to start.  Those who are seasoned travelers can also benefit from the diverse programs available.  The UC Davis Study Abroad team can determine the best trip to suit your travel and academic needs. 

The opportunities are limitless, and the life experiences are awe-inspiring.