Soua Lo

Program Coordinator & Advisor

Some of the best moments in my life are from traveling. During my academic career at UC Davis, I participated in one of UC Davis’ amazing summer abroad programs. That summer I trekked around Europe visiting historical and monumental places like the Tower of London, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Roman Colosseum to name a few. Little did I know my academics would introduce me to other adventures like zip lining for the very first time in the French Alps or being swept away in a surprised thunderstorm wind while visiting the Eiffel Tower. Studying abroad helped me discover my love for traveling and appreciate even more the diversity, culture, and history our world contains. After college I continued my travel adventures in Asia. Traveling has helped me realize that the world, in all its beauty, is yours to explore and encourage all of you to create your own adventures, as this is one of the best ways to learn!

Currently, I work as a Financial Aid Advisor for both Financial Aid and Study Abroad. I am here to assist you in the financial aid and scholarships process. My goal is to provide you with accurate, thorough, and pertinent information in an effort to help guide you and your family towards preparing financially for your study abroad adventures.

I hope to see you soon!