UC Davis Study Abroad, Student Staff Photo, Carson Herold

Carson Herold

Study Abroad Writing Intern

My name is Carson Herold. I am a senior majoring in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity and minoring in Professional Writing at UC Davis. I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to join a project called Patagonian Ecosystems with Wildlands Studies in Chile, Winter Quarter 2016. I have always loved the outdoors and got interested in traveling once I went to college. Wildlands Studies’ programs are totally field based. Students learn about what is in the immediate area - plants, animals, biomes, geology, etc. The world truly was our classroom, we backpacked and camped for the majority of the program, learning and exploring as we went. Quizzes were on the plants and animals that we saw around us and writing assignments were about the connections those organisms have to one another and their habitat. We visited a research station and were able to help the scientists there with their work. Conservation was a major theme in our studies. Chile is a beautiful and diverse country that has experienced significant environmental degradation. We discussed current and proposed conservation efforts both in Chile and around the world. Though there was rarely a clear answer in terms of financial and anthropogenic needs, my time abroad with Wildlands Studies has forever altered my view of the world and was an undoubted highlight to my college career.

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