UC Davis Study Abroad, Student Staff Photo, Julia Gulliver

Julia Gulliver

Study Abroad Peer Advisor


My name is Julia Gulliver and I am a fourth year NPB major with a minor in Global and International Studies (conveniently offered by Study Abroad). I chose to leave my favorite university in the US during Fall 2015 to explore a new part of the world at the National University of Singapore.

I have known that I wanted to study abroad since I was in high school and I was so fortunate that UCEAP allowed that dream to become a reality. Living in and traveling around Asia for five months, trying new foods, meeting people from every corner of the world, all while taking awesome classes for credit has been the highlight of my college experience. I was even able to take courses that fulfilled requirements for my seemingly very specific major, which proved to me that there really is a program for everyone, no matter what you study.

Studying abroad not only added unique classes to my transcript, it shaped me in a way no other experience could have. There is no better way to get to know yourself than leaving everything you’ve ever known to live, learn, struggle, travel, and eat your way through a study abroad program in a foreign country. On top of that, I truly believe I caught the travel bug, and am constantly looking for new opportunities to expand my horizons.

If you have ever wanted unforgettable memories, lifelong international friends, and opportunities to grow in new ways, studying abroad is for you. Even if you haven’t thought of wanting these things, I would argue that going abroad is still for you! As a Peer Advisor, I will encourage you to explore all the options out there regardless of possible limitations you think might hold you back. Since returning from my travels, I have encouraged anyone who has asked me about my time abroad to consider what studying abroad could look like for them. It’s such an important experience and I would hate for anyone to miss out. I hope you come into our office with any and all questions; we are happy to help and inspire!