Benjamin Ferguson

Enrollment Coordinator & Advisor


We all have a journey to make and mine led me, and continues to lead me, in the direction of study abroad and cultural exchange. My name is Benjamin Ferguson, and my passion for this field began at a small private school outside of Philadelphia, PA where I studied Spanish and Business Administration. During my junior year, I received the opportunity to study art, history, geography, and of course language in Granada, Spain. I visited various cities/towns throughout Spain as well as Italy and Morocco; I was blown away by the cultural and physical beauty of the Mediterranean. Since my time abroad, I have been lucky enough to visit Panama and return to Italy. My experiences abroad influenced my life greatly and I encourage others every day to immerse themselves in another culture. Please visit us today so we can encourage you to journey abroad as well.

“Those who journey can easily understand that the more they see, the more they’ll learn, the more they will be.”

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